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Qualified for a 2015 Oscar nomination for short live action film.




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A FOUR-SIDED BED (Feature Script)
Script Recognized at 18 Festivals/ Competitions:
**Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival- 2019 Winner of Best Dramatic Screenplay
**International Independent Film Awards- 2019 Diamond Winner for Best Feature Screenplay
**Los Angeles Film Awards- 2019 Winner of Best Romance Screenplay
**Festivious International Film Festival, Los Angeles- 2019 Winner of Best First Feature Screenplay
**Austin Revolution Film Festival- Official Selection

**Indie Visions Film Festival: Finalist

**Woods Hole International Film Festival (previous version of script)-  Winner of Best Romance 
**Reel HeART International Film & Screenplay Festival in Toronto, 2019- Best Feature Screenplay:Second Prize
**California Women's Film Festival, Summer 2019- Finalist in Feature Screenplay Competition
**Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards- Finalist, 2019
**Top Indie Films, Screenplay Finalist, 2019
**Colorado International Film Festival, Honorable Mention, 2019
**Los Angeles Film & Script Festival- Finalist in Spring, 2019
**Script Summit Festival in Las Vegas- Finalist, Spring 2019 
**American International Film competition (previous version of script)- Winner of Best Feature Screenplay
**LGBT Toronto Film Festival, 2019-- Script selected for a 'Best Scenes' reading at the 2019 festival

**Northeast Film Festival- Finalist (Awards pending)

**Massachusetts Independent Film Festival- Finalist (Awards pending)

FOUR-SIDED (short film)
Short Film Recognition at 2019 Festivals and Competitions

**That Film Festival- Cannes; Official Selection; 2019
**Independent Shorts Awards: three 2019 Awards-
Gold Award for Best Romance; Silver Awards for Best LGBT and Best Experimental
**ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival, Finalist, 2019
**Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, Official Selection; 2019
**The Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival, Official Selection; 2019 in Chicago
**Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBTQ+ Film Festival; Official Selection, 2019 in Pittsburgh